As an IT Professional you have a challenging job. With constant pressures to control costs and increase efficiency, making the right IT decisions are paramount to your organisations operational success.

     Outsourcing your enterprise IT services may be appropriate for your business if looking to do the following:

Architecting services:

Improve current services/service levels

Implement new Technologies

Improve ability to focus on your core business

Reduce the cost of constant system/software upgrades

Improve cost management

Increase IT infrastructure performance and uptime

Simplify staffing complexities

     Whether looking for comprehensive support or selected IT assistance Gurg Limited empowers you with scalable IT services. Our technology experts provide an unparalleled level of expertise to save you valuable time, reduce infrastructure costs and provide robust, secure and scalable services for your business.

Network & System Consultancy

     Gurg Limited offers a range of network and system services to help ensure investment in your IT infrastructure is maximised. From network planning, server configuration to software licensing we offer the skill sets needed to efficiently implement the correct solution. We are happy to undertake bespoken development solutions or alternatively take responsibility for complete system design and rollout. We will also provide ongoing support and maintenance once the project is completed.

     We are able to undertake either specific projects or consultancy in the following areas:

Network design & Installation

Server Design, Build and Installation

Operating System migration & Workstation rollout

System Health check, Critical updates/Service Packs/Security Risks

Virus Protection planning & implementation

Data Back Up & Disaster recovery

Total IT Outsourcing

     Gurg Limited offers both fixed contract and pay - as - you - go options ensuring both business and budget needs are catered for.

Outsourced Recruitment

     Access to unlimited developer resource furnishes Gurg Limited with the ability to dramatically cut the cost of in-house development projects. “Recruiting”  one or more of our developers to aid projects on a part time or “permanent “ basis will considerably minimise project expenditure thereby allowing for a greater margin for profit. Whether there is a permanent requirement for “in-house” development resource or a temporary development/skill set “overspill” Gurg Limited can supply the resource required to develop in all key software development languages, C++, SQL, Java, .Net, ASP, XML .

The Process?

     Working knowledge has empowered us with the understanding that different organisations have varied requirements in relation to how particular aspects of their IT processes need to be supported. This demands Gurg take a “hand - holding” approach with all clients. Our first approach is to carefully trawl through our client's requirement, advise on any procedures that will streamline said requirement and then table our proposed solution for sign off. This ensures both Gurg and the client are 100% informed of all variables moving forward.