Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD)

 Conversion of Engineering Drawings

 Automated Mapping (AM)

  Remote Sensing Analysis Satellite Imagery

 LiDAR & Aerial Photogrammetry

 Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Services

 Topographical Survey

Digital Conversion of Engineering Drawings

 Civil, Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Layouts, Piping,
         Infrastructural etc.

 Either by vectorisation or by regeneration.

 Drawings preparation from existing hard copy prints from scanned data
        and/or by dimension.

  Generation of drawings from measurement survey.

 Produce as-fitted drawings .

 Produce part and assembly drawings.

 Produce design drawings.

 Maintain highest accuracy output.


 Archival of old drawings or documents.

 Most economical method for storing drawings.

 Retrieval from bad quality input .

  Effort is one time .

 Can preserve drawings for years .

 Further modification/ changes on computer is fast.

 Drawings can be put through indexing software.

 File searching and drawing retrieval is easy .

 Can take print out at any time, of any size, of any number.

Engg. Drawing (Structure) KOPT Sample

Layout Drawing KOPT Sample

Map Reproduction

 Scan the base paper maps (Raster Image).

 Utilise Satellite Data / Aerial Photo for updation.

 Vectorise to generate digital map in AutoCAD DWG/ DXF format .

  Use automated or semi-automated process for digitisation .

 Maintain high accuracy and best quality output .

Contour Map

Irrigation Map

Remote Sensing

 Satellite Imagery.

  • Satellite data from NRSA (both PAN & LISS 5.8 m. resolution in merged
      form, 10 m. resolution in individual)
  • Cartosat & Quickbird data
  • IKONOS data with 1 m. resolution up to 1:12, 500 scale covering all major
  • World View 1 & 2
  • Cartosat 1 & 2


 Aerial Photograph

  • Stereo plotting of Aerial Photo in suitable scale (1:10,000 or other)

Satalite Image

GURG GIS Solutions


  • Scanning of original hardcopy maps
  • Digital Map Conversion using Mapping S/w (AutoCAD Map)
  • Automated Data Entry through customized GIS programs & Database  (SQL,Oracle)
  • GIS Creation using GIS S/w (Map Info/ Arc GIS/ Intergraph)
  • Integration of external data with map object

 Network Information Management System

  • Integrated GIS system
  • Interface from GIS to Customized GIS Application
  • Network Information Management System (NIMS) Customized GIS   Application
  • Web enabled GIS solution

Map Showing Electrical Features After GIS Creation

Retrieval of Information On Click

Interactive Graphics-Data Display

Simple Query

Typical Project Workflow

GIS - Application Areas

 Land use/ Land cover & Land resources management.

 Utility Management Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism.

 Telecommunication .

  Land capability, Irrigability, Water Resoureces Irrigation Management .

 Planning and management of transportation, traffic .

 Demographic composition and amenity distribution.

 Natural Resource survey, planning and management .

 Mining and Geology .

 Rural, Urban and Regional Planning .

 Wetland management .

 Environmental impact analysis and assessment .

 Infrastructure Development Studies, Planning and Management.

 Piping Systems Oil & Gas supply agencies .

 Socio-economic Impact Studies and Management.

 And many many more ...



  • Server 5 Nos
  • PC : 160 No
  • Workstations : 10 Nos
  • Scanner A4, A3 & A0 sizes : 5 Nos
  • Plotter A0 size (Colour) : 3 Nos
  • Stereoscopes
  • Ground Penetrating Radar : Subsurface data
  • Electronic Pipe Locator
  • Electronic Total Station : 5Nos
  • DGPS


  • Drawing & Editing : AutoCAD R2000i
  • Imaging : Cad Overlay
  • GIS/RS : AutoCAD Map 2000i
          Map Info, Map Basic
          Map Info, Map Basic
  • Photogrammetry : DVP (Canada)
  • Database : Foxpro, Access, Oracle
  • Printing : Corel Draw
  • LiDAR : Microstation & Terrasolid



  • Experienced CADD Draftsmen Dip. In Civil, Mech, Elect., Arch
  • Graduate Engineers for Quality Control and Project Supervision
  • Qualified and Experienced GIS Professionals
  • Highly Qualified Geologists/ Engineers As GIS Project Leader
  • Nationally Available Best Level of Advisors
  • Highly Experienced Associates, Collaborators