Gurg’s strategic consulting services focus on enhancing business performance of its clients by streamlining processes, reducing organisational risk and leveraging the global sourcing / outsourcing organisational model. We have worked with clients in a wide range of industries to help them leverage the strengths of IT to optimise their business performance and produce value driven results. We specialise in helping organisations grow their businesses. Gurg’s consulting services deliver a solution designed to meet our clients business and technology needs.

     Gurg focuses on improvement in business performance related to supply chain and customer relationship management. It is usually carried out prior to implementation of ERP/supply chain optimisation/CRM product and plays a key role in defining the business processes, performance metrics, business rules/policies and supporting organisation structures. Gurg ensures that the IT initiative has brought in the desired business change and the investments are paid off quickly.

     Often organisations are in a dilemma to choose the right enterprise application package which meets their business requirements and also fits into their overall IT strategy. Gurg process helps clients select the right package by bringing in a team which thoroughly understands the business as well as contemporary technology.

     Prior to taking a decision on technology investment or outsourcing, it is imperative to know the business implication of such a crucial decision. Gurg helps clients in taking such decisions by preparing a business case. A business case would highlight the extent of investment required, business benefits from the investment, resources required for investment/outsourcing and associated risks.

     Enterprises today need a clear concise and coherent strategy which creates the much required alignment between the business strategies and initiatives with the organisation's IT strategy and operations, we focus on achieving this goal.