Gurg delivers successful Internet and intranet solutions. Our portfolio currently includes Content Management Systems, web portals and design-lead brochure ware websites.


     Our software development team is complemented by our dedicated web design team. This allows us to offer a range of extended services specific to this area:

Architecting services:

Site planning and strategy

Branding and graphic design

Low & High end Animation and Multimedia

HTML Design and Layout

Content Management Systems

Site promotion and bulk search engine registration

Site hosting, monitoring and statistics analysis

The Tools:

     Our skills cover a broad range of tools and technologies. The choice of these is made on best fit, per project basis.

     All of Gurg's designers write HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We primarily use the Macromedia set of design tools including Dreamweaver, Ultradev, Fireworks and Flash. Our primary server-side technology is ASP. For a full list of our currently used technologies, please refer to our Core skill sets PDF.

Our Approach

     Our skills cover a broad range of tools and technologies. The choice of these is made on best fit, per project basis.

Clarification - listening to customer needs and requirements and defining the         solution

Implementation - database, application and graphical design

Maintenance and support - hosting the site, monitoring performance and         making modifications where necessary

     At the clarification stage a detailed project specification will be produced covering all aspects of design and implementation. A project plan will also be produced which will indicate timescales, dependencies and key milestones.

     Once the specification and project plan have been signed off, our design and programming teams will implement the solution.

     Our team works to tried and tested development methodologies and are constantly liaising with our project managers. When a solution goes live, we will monitor its use, check its performance and actively seek feedback from all user groups within your organisation.

Services Capability Technolgy
Design Layout, template, colors, graphics, themes, consistency, menu systems, interactive forms, integration with back end scripts components, Various
Graphics Editing, manipulations, converting, creation, All
Content management Systems to deliver content, ease of usage with multilevel security MS
Server side development Creation of server side scripts or components to deliver content to client side web browser, Coldfusion, JSP, Perl, PHP, ASP, XML, .NET
Flash development Interactive 3D content, presentations, interactive website content, stand-alone flash applications Macromedia, Shockwave
WAP development Push WAP, WAP content development, customisation to particular devices Open
Online Booking systems Online Booking systems Open
Server support
+ config
Web server installation/configuration; performance monitoring, security, remote maintenance. MS 2003, XP.
XML Integration to XML data sources, creation of XML web delivery, debugging/error corrections XMLS
Java (Jsp) JSP creation  
Portal devp System integration and linking to 3rd party data sources Open
Testing Web application testing, website testing, online booking systems. Open
Reporting services Traffic, log analysis, trends, customised to needs Open
Security Firewall, SSL encryption, PGP, intrusion detection systems, email security and filtering. Open
3D Rendering, morphing, modeling, graphing , animation 3D max, AutoCAD , Maya
Multimedia Web based multimedia development  
eCommerce Online payment systems, integration to existing websites, transaction processing, tracking.