Gurg’s dedicated servers are hosted in one of our secure hosting facilities in London and are fully managed by a team of engineers. Dedicated servers are the right solution for a business with one or more high traffic websites or where the security of the hosted applications justifies the investment in a dedicated server.

     Professional hosting now expands beyond the hosting of simple web sites. Web sites themselves are generally complex, involving integration with what have historically been internal customer and product databases; reliance on Internet sales and enquiry generation have made hosting an ever more important technology. Gurg has developed experience at hosting a wide range of business applications, including hosting databases, business applications such as payroll, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, back-up, document management and file management systems.


Customised Specification:

     Gurg optimises business through offering expert advice and system configuration customised for the customer's needs, rather than via offering a fixed range of server packages. Our approach is to first of all understand the customer's requirements, we can then advise on the most appropriate hardware and software as well as bandwidth requirements, thereby ensuring the precise specification of each server is customised specifically to meet the customer's requirements.

     With a dedicated server solution Gurg sources both the hardware and software required. We take responsibility for configuring the server and installing it on our network at our primary data centre. We then work closely with the customer in ensuring that their application, be it a web site or other application, is set up correctly. Once the server is set up we provide on-going support in the manner defined in our Service Level Agreement which forms an integral part of our contract with the customer.

High Availability:

     Gurg’s core network has been built in redundancy at all levels including power, routing, switching and firewalls. Through this core network is powered by Cisco equipment with no single point failures. All Gurg customers benefit from our High Availability (HA) Core Network. On our Core Network we can provide customers with HA for their specific application. For example, if a customers wishes to remove any single points of failure for their hosted application then our engineers can configure and implement the required HA solution. Implementing HA means removing any single points of failure. If the hosted application runs on a single server then HA means there must be at least 2 servers. If the application has a separate back end server then there must be 2, or a disk array for storing data with multiple disk drives and hot swap ability.

     For ultimate HA, replication of the hosted application to a secondary (and in some cases tertiary) data centre is required. For further information see Geographical failover below.

Load Balancing:

     Where usage of the web site or application being hosted outgrows a single front end (F/E) server, a load balancing solution is required which distributes usage of the application across 2 or more servers with traffic intelligently balanced across the server farm, Gurg uses Cisco technology for its load balancing solution.

Geographical Load-Balancing:

     In addition to load-balancing within the same data centre location, Gurg can provide geographical load-balancing between 2 or more data centre locations. To achieve this we deploy Cisco Global Site Selectors (GSS) which intelligently route traffic to the nearest hosted network. For example, US traffic would be routed to the hosted application in our New York data centre whilst UK traffic would be automatically routed to our London data centre.

Geographical Failover:

     For a High Availability solution that reaches beyond HA within one physical location, Gurg can provide geographical failover to one or more other data centres. The objective is to protect against any failure at the primary data centre location. If the customer has invested in an HA solution in one data centre there remains a risk that a failure at the first data centre makes the whole solution unavailable. To eliminate this risk Gurg, deploying Cisco technology, can set up the hosted solution in a second or even more than one additional data centre. In the event of any failure at the primary data centre location, the traffic accessing the hosted application is intelligently and automatically re-routed to a secondary location. Where the hosted application involves a changing database, Gurg also manage data replication between the data centres.