Gurg is a technical service company specialising in information technology, web and digital media production and distribution for film industry. If you are looking to establish or upgrade your presence on the web, outsource your IT department, or produce and stream line your content, our solutions are tailored for your requirements. Gurg provides end-to-end outsourcing solutions for the film industry. In order to gain a competitive edge, any industry must properly balance its internal and external IT resources. At Gurg , we are confident in our abilities to provide the appropriate solutions enabling your company to become, and more importantly remain, the leader in your industry.

Services We Provide for the Film Industry:

Digital image processing

Special Effects for videos and films

Character animation

Modelling and animation

Engineering modelling

Logo and title animation

Tailor made Software Solution

Website Designing for film

     If you have a specific requirement not mentioned above, we would be happy to discuss your need and come up with a cost-effective solution.